Royal City’s Underground Water Park vietnam – Yeah that’s right, the world’s largest underground water park – some truly epic slides and a tone of fun. Take a break from the summer heat. Busy at weekends but quiet during the week, the water park is home to a number of slides and is one of the best ways to stay cool in the summer months.

Thang Loi Swimming Pool – Within easy reach of both HBH hostels, the Thang Loi swimming pool is set on the side of Tay Ho Lake a great place to chill out and swim in.

Swan Ride on Tay Ho Lake (West Lake)– things to do in hanoi grab yourself a swan shaped pedal boat and explore the world’s largest-inner-city-lake, the very same lake John McCain ( US Senator and Ex Presidential Candidate) crashed into after being shot down!

Vin Com Towers – An air conditioned western style shopping centre. Vin Com has a multi-screen cinema playing the latest releases and is a good home comfort venue for all travellers.

Snake Village – Set just 10 minutes outside of Hanoi, Snake Village is an absolute must. Eat a beating heart straight out of a Cobra, all in the spirit of Vietnamese tradition. Not for the faint hearted however, an experience which can not be missed.

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